Let me Help YOU... Attract Customors, Self Publish, Get Noticed & More!




I am expert at communicating with words. My writing is clear and conversational. I can write copy for brochures and websites, ads for print, and even ghostwrite a book if required. I have done all this and more.

I can write, record, and edit an effective radio ad quickly.


I have experience designing logos, book covers, posters, print ads, campaign buttons, and more. My designs will help get your message across quickly and simply.

I created feng shui mandalas which are beautiful art prints created from collages of digital photographs of symbols which I took and then manipulated in PhotoShop to create the finished print.  See http:www.fengshuimandalas.com.


I am an idea girl.  I can help you think up a new name for a product, a marketing strategy, or a new way of doing business. Then I can help implement these ideas.


Web Building

Every business needs a website but most small businesses don't have the staff or expertise to create the right site for them. I can work with you to help decide what you need, build the site, and then train you to maintain it or I can do that too.

I have over 15 years experience building small business websites using a variety of software. I am also experienced in search engine optimization and on-line marketing strategies.

Office Software

If you need an exceptional presentation, I can create it.

I have thorough knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite including Publisher and Project. I am an expert in PowerPoint. I can also use google docs and other google products with ease.

Design Software

I have over 15 years experience using PhotoShop and CorelDraw on a daily basis. I also have knowledge of Adobe Illistrator and InDesign and have used Pagemaker and Framemaker for clients.

Video and Audio Editing

I have experience editing audio with Audacity and have knowledge of other audio editing software.  I have experience editing video with Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle, & Windows Moviemaker for video editing.

Leadership and Inter-personal

Public Speaking/teaching

I have taught multiple seminar classes; Toss the Toxins, about how to make natural cleaning products at home, The Elevator Speech, capture interest right up front, and Build Your Business with a Book, about how to improve business by self-publishing on Amazon.com. I taught seminars for military officers when I was employed by the Department of the Army. And I also teach classes on creating homemade gifts using high quality essential oils. Visit: www.jandjessentialoilcreations.com.

I am an amateur actor who enjoys performing for a crowd and my experience as a radio host and producer makes me adept at thinking on my feet in unexpected situations.


I have a wide range of interests and skills and I pride myself on my ability to adapt to changing circumstances and needs. I am a multi-tasker who thrives in a fast paced, deadline driven environment but also values quiet contemplation.

Community and Customer Relations

I am a trained facilitator who has experience helping groups reach consensus.

When I worked as a contractor for the Missile Defense Agency, my team's success depended on peoples' willingness to share information with us. Consequently, one of my assignments was to find a way to develop positive relationships with individuals known as "hard to get along with."  I soon discovered that I enjoy getting along with difficult people.

I have experience dealing successfully with people from all walks of life from the janitor at a public event to the Admiral in charge of missile testing and anyone in between.

I am active in my community and believe in the importance of building bridges between people with differing ideas and backgrounds.

Knowledge and Experience


I worked many years as a civilian employee for the Department of the Army and then as a government contractor serving government and military clients of all sorts.  I understand how the federal government operates and know how to effectively get things done while working within that atmosphere.



I have experience as a radio producer, writer, and host of my own show.  I have experience editing sound.


My experience working for a small publishing company, first under a traditional model geared towards brick and mortar book sales and then a modern Print-on-Demand model focusing on on-line sales, gives me a unique insight on this changing industry. In fact my interest led me to start my own imprint, Winding Path Press, which presented its' first offering in 2011.

I designed the cover and the interior layout in addition to writing the book.